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26th Nov 2018

Self-Compassion for the TKO!

Realizations so hard they might just lay you flat! My anonymous guest finds what he is looking for inside of himself! Warning this episode is filled with non-toxic masculinity, brotherly love and other warm and fuzzy feelings. Listen at your own risk!

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The Psilocybin Chronicles
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Welcome to The Psilocybin Chronicles!

The Psilocybin Chronicles provides people with unique and meaningful conversations with the goal of educating about psilocybin's therapeutic use, it's societal impacts, and navigating the psychedelic experience. These discussions come straight from the inside of the current psychedelic renaissance, as we have been providing safe, legal access to psilocybin mushroom therapeutic use for years. We are joined by the guests and facilitators of our retreat center in Jamaica, MycoMeditations.

As society begins to reintegrate psychedelics into our culture, join us as we explore transformative journeys and the valuable lessons that we can learn from psilocybin mushrooms.